Cotswold Gold (Galbraiths)

Many thanks to my conspirator – third time lucky, finally, finally Galbraiths had Cotswald on tap tonight and a pint was in the offing.
Cotswald is a really interesting, light, fresh, dangerous ale, seeming a little heftier than it’s supposed 5.4% but still a pilsner version of English ale, possibly not the best drop on a stormy Auckland evening, but which would be crackerjack on those still, limpid, moody November evenings…
I love Auckland in springtime… but this beer is so fresh and drinkable why are not enjoying this in summer.
Styrian Golding hops, they have a real twang (this beer reminds me of a Tuatara Pilsner – but not as malty, not as rich.) Delicate, fine malt (Galbraiths are the masters of malt in NZ) fresh mouthfeel, not the yeasty, spicy finish of an East German or Czech pils, but very similar in structure albeit in an “English ale” mindset. This is great stuff, one of Galbraiths better experiments, well done.
Apparently, Sam has attempted a dry hopped version of the Cotswald. Would love to see!

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