Day 1 continued, The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen

Boarding the United flight to Seattle, I get deja vue. There are a bunch of people near the back of the plane standing up and a technician trying to fix their seats. I am in the very last row, so have to squeeze past.

We had a similar experience leaving Rio de Janeiro – spent nearly a couple of hours on the tarmac waiting for the seat to be repaired.

But after a few minutes he leaves. And we are on our way.

Landing in Seattle, miraculously my bag has arrived as well. It is 13 degrees out and I order an Uber. Great signposting leads to a section of the airport carpark dedicated to  Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing services.

And, almost as soon as we leave the carpark and get on the freeway, it starts to rain.

We have a joke in our household that it is always raining in Seattle. It is certainly overcast, cool and not particularly spring like.

Check into the Roosevelt Hotel and immediately upgraded to a suite, it seems that it is easy getting deals here because it is undergoing major renovations! Actually while the noise is considerable down near the lobby, the upper floors are very quiet.

This is an outstanding hotel, even with the current work. The staff are super friendly, the rooms spectacular, sort of an Art Deco feel to it. I would certainly come back.

I get recommended to a pub, The Taproom, around the other side of the block. Taproom is a bustling basement joint, with pool tables, sport TVs at the bar, a function room out the back and supposedly “160 Beers On Tap”.

I order Green Flash West Coast IPA, which only comes in a 12 oz glass, so it isn’t cheap. But we cannot Green Flash in New Zealand, so I couldn’t pass it by.

On the recommendation of my server, the second beer, this time in a 16 oz “pint” glass, is Elysian Space Dust IPA, Seattle based, it is an excellent hophead beer.

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