Day 2, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

After a great night sleep in the Roosevelt I wake around 6.15 am and it is already light out.

Around 7.00 I get up and go for a walk up to Capitol Hill, which is a sort of bohemian neighbourhood really close to downtown Seattle, my destination this guy:

Seattle does not celebrate Jimi Hendrix much, but then he became famous living in London, a place I am still yet to go to. Some of MW friends are shocked that I have not been BTW, but I can’t change what has been.

Walking up listening to Are You Experienced, I come across a great little coffee shop, Stump Coffee

And I grab a sugar donut, it is oily but very fresh.

Walking back downtown I notice that gentrification has come to Capitol Hill. There are still lots of cheap Mexican eateries and dodgy looking cocktail bars, but construction work and signs in recently renovated buildings advertising upmarket apartments show things are changing. I pass a smart mountain bike shop with its own espresso machine and barista inside.

There are also hipsters here. This place had a video arcade and tables for people to play Dungeons and Dragons, or Scrabble if they prefer. Looked like it had a licence – at least it had a servery 

for food.

On my way downtown I notice that I had walked past the Paramount.

This is where The Guess Who, a bunch of crazy guys from Canada, recorded Live at the Paramount and so a legend was born, the song “American Woman”. What an album – as soon as Hendrix ends I play The Guess Who.

Quickly get my first Starbucks “americano” and it isn’t great – what a surprise.

I pack up and start pushing my bags along to where I think my rental car place is, about five or six blocks away. People are on their way to work so it isn’t easy. When I get there, and the number on the building seems right, the guy looks up his order sheet and says no car for me.

I ask this is 4th Avenue, yes?

Turns out, Budget Rental ALSO has a place on 4th Avenue South, same road but a mile or two away from the city. “Downtown”???

I Uber there and the nice guy running the place asks me where I am going.

“Oh, Aberdeen, are you doing some Nirvana thing?” Yeah, that’s right I tell him. “And didn’t they make some film out there?” It was called Twilight, says I, but that is of less interest to me.

Bad news – he has run out of GPS cars. Good news – this is a Chrysler, so it works well with iPhones. “Google Maps is better than GPS anyway.”

Once I figure how to plug everything in I set sail for Renton Cemetery.

Renton is way out Southeast Seattle I the outskirts. I have a few issues with Google’s navigator, she doesn’t talk to me for so long I get off the route by accident. But one U turn later and I am here.

Apparently Jimi Hendrix’s dad didn’t have any money for a fancy grave, so his ashes were interred elsewhere but eventually funds did come forth and this where they decided to put Jimi. Nobody comes here much, the grounds man was on the far side of the cemetery gardening but it was a quiet Wednesday morning and I was alone.

This was a special moment.

Getting back on the freeway, I set Google for Aberdeen, had already decided not to get off at Olympia and check out the music scene there, but of course, stupid me had forgotten that Sleater-Kinney named themselves after a road.

How awesome is that?

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