Central Otago Pinot Celebration

Today I arrived in Queenstown – this is the very first time that I have been invited to the Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration and I really have Paul Pujol, from Prophet’s Rock, to thank for that.

The event started with a sit down tasting at the Millenium Hotel, with a walk around tasting at the Hilton. More on these tastings to come,

The event was officially opened by Paul – with a beautiful speech – well done Paul.

But earlier in the day we had a Fine Wines of New Zealand tasting with Air New Zealand. Unfortunately Fine Wines of New Zealand has a number of problems, not least of which is the suggestion that NZ based MWs unanimously support this venture. I for one don’t – this is a commercial venture and there are significant problems with it, including some of the wines today being out of condition.

More to come.

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2 Responses to Central Otago Pinot Celebration

  1. Cal The Kiwi says:

    More on issues with Fine Wines of NZ?

  2. Paul Tudor MW says:

    Coming – I need to think more about this.
    On the face of it, the idea seems a good one, a classification of NZ wines. Whatever system you adopt however, there are going to be compromises. The problem here however is some of the ‘rules’ that have been put in place, they are trying to give the impression that this has rigour, or validation beyond just the selection of the experts. However rather than act independently, and then average the results, the experts are being put in the room together and there is dominance of certain experts over others. So in the true “wisdom of crowds” sense the data is not being derived clean, the system is being gamed, influenced, call it what you will.
    And then there is the issue of so called “expert entrainment” – sometimes the experts are wrong.
    The reason it has taken me a while to write up my thoughts is I am looking more closely at other classifications. In nearly every other example, the market has been a major factor. That’s because we cannot always rely on experts.

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