MW trip to Peru and Bolivia, Day 1 continued

After a fabulous three and a bit hours at Astrid y Gaston, Igor suggested we walk to Huaca Pucllana, an ancient site within Lima. Thirty minutes later and still nowhere closer to finding the site, with various instructions along the way, we finally flagged down a cab.

Officially Huaca Pucllana closes at 5pm, but we got there in plenty oftime for the last English language tour at 4.40pm.

The Lima people lived in this area between 300 and 800 AD. And they started building this temple around 600 AD. The temple had a high priestess and sacrifices were made to female goddesses. Huaca Pucllana is about two kilometres from the Pacific Ocean – nowadays it is completely surrounded by suburbs – but the people were great fishermen and sharks, fish, sea snakes were highly prized.

There are millions of Adobe bricks here – and layers upon layers, built up over many generations.

The tour was fantastic – even included a nursery garden with specimens of famous South American food plants, also Guinea Pigs, llamas (and alpacas) and a strange local duck.

Excavation began in the early eighties, but the authorities are still learning more and more as the keep working on it.

While we were walking around, Igor mentioned that we were having our welcome dinner here a couple of hours later – and indeed there was a fantastic reception (and meal) with the two major family wine producers of Peru, Santiago Quierolo and Tacama. And our first lesson on Pisco production to boot.

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