Brunch review – Geeks on Sainsbury

Geeks has been here for a long time, but we have only recently got around to testing it out. Geeks obviously benefit from Crave’s presence a couple of blocks away, no doubt gets some of their overflow, but also helping to create a café quarter in this part of the city. It isn’t as flash in terms of furniture, nor fitout, generally as is Crave, but Geeks has a cool, understated vibe nonetheless. Servings are smaller than at Crave, but the dishes are a little more sophisticated.

I had smoked salmon eggs bene, which came on a slab of scalloped potatoes that had been flash fried, just the merest smear of hollandaise and very nice slices of salmon. My companion had the homemade granola, which was apparently quite sweet, served with milk curiously (from a cute little milk urn) but apparently it is a good healthy mix.

Coffee is by Red Rabbit, it is chocolatey and rounded. Good to see that Geeks pays for the music streaming (a lot of places don’t.)

Most of the main dishes are $19 ($12 for “small”, or one egg instead of two in the case of egg meals.) All the usual suspects appear on the brunch menu, along with Bi Bim Bap, apparently a famous Korean hot pot. Obviously the owners are of Korean origin. Considering the mania for all things Korean in our household, we will be back for it. Geeks on Sainsbury is a classy local that delivers on price.

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